USPS Important Hotline Numbers

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USPS hotline numbers receive queries from the employees, customers, and the general public, reporting fraud, waste, and misconduct. If you are having any concerns regarding any criminal issues or potential areas for postal-wide reviews, you can reach out to these USPS Important Hotline Numbers.

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Before going to fill out the complaint form, please ensure that you are posting your concerns or inquiries to the right office so that it can be handled in a timely manner.

What to Expect from USPS Important Hotline Numbers?

Here are a few things that the USPS important numbers can assist you with.

  1. Unless you are directly contacted by one of the USPS investigators, you cannot perform any communication with the office. After receiving your complaints, the hotline may advise you the appropriate actions that can be taken against your complaints.
  2. Federal regulations prohibit the disclosure of information that contains in investigative and law enforcement records.

What the Hotline Numbers Cannot Assist You with-

USPS tracking
  1. You cannot get any assistance regarding daily mail queries and tracking issues
  2. Post office customer service issues and concerns cannot be handled by hotline
  3. Services not applicable to day to day management decisions
  4. EEO Complaints
  5. Hotline numbers cannot handle issues related to the grievance process
  6. Not applicable to issues that are handled by other agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Labor, Justice Department, Office of Personnel Management etc
  7. Not for assistance regarding employee benefits and compensation.

To get help for these and other issues, regarding fraud, waste, and misconduct within the Postal Service, you can contact the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. By telling about your USPS Tracking Number you can get update of your parcel or corrier.

What USPS Hotline Can Assist You?

  1. Hotline USPS can help you with Injury compensation fraud
  2. Embezzlements and financial crimes
  3. Regarding Contract Fraud
  4. Queries related to Kickbacks
  5. Computer Crimes, Narcotics, Employee Misconduct, Internal affairs and executive investigations etc
  6. Whistleblower reprisal problem
  7. If any items were stolen from the mail by Postal employees or contractors or if regarding the destruction of mail by Postal employees or contractors

Or can also fill out the complaints form. If you are facing any issue related to USPS tracking service and want to get a door-step delivery quickly, you can connect with the USPS customer portal. In case of any occurrence of unfortunate package lost, damaged or tampered, while shipping through USPS, here are the helpful number and channels to resolve the issue.

To find local US Postal Service help numbers and locations –go to  USPS Locator

To find local Postmasters – Postmaster Locator

File a general complaint – on 1-800-877-8339 USPS number

To Report Mail Tempering or Theft-

Criminal Investigations Service Center

Attention: Mail Fraud

222 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 1250

Chicago IL 60606-6100


You can send your complaints to

1735 North Lynn Street
Arlington, VA 22209-2020

To file a complaint with the USPS Inspector General’s Office for any kind of violence such as theft, fraud, waste, or abuse committed by the USPS or a USPS employee-

Western Area: 303-925-7400, Southern Area: 972-892-4440, Headquarters: 703-248-2100, Eastern Area: 610-616-8040, Great Lakes Area: 312-601-3901, Pacific Area: 323-652-5351, Capital Metro Area: 404-507-8301, Northeast Area: 201-499-5100.

These numbers are necessary to resolve your queries. To know more, you can drop us a comment below for USPS Important Hotline Numbers assistance.

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