WhatsApp Status Hacks- WhatsApp Hacks 2019 (Updated)

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We all know that WhatsApp is not only a messaging app, but it can do a lot more. We can share videos, photos and our thoughts with our friends. But there are some amazing WhatsApp Status Hacks that most of you don’t know about. Whatsapp comes with many features itself, but there are also some tricks that can make your messaging experience even better!

whats app status hack

You know that you can share your photos, videos, and thoughts with the Whatsapp Status feature, yet do you know that you can also hide those stuff from specific persons? Not only that, but you can also choose people only who can view your Whatsapp stories. Sounds interesting? Let’s go for it, shall we?

WhatsApp Status Hacks- Show Your Status to Specific People

Many times we dedicate Love status to closed ones. So, If you want to share your status with only a group of people and not everyone, then you can do it; just follow the steps below-

  1. Go to the status tab of your Whatsapp and from the top-right corner, tap on those three horizontal dots
  2. Select Status Privacy; you will get three options
    1. My contacts
    2. My contacts except….
    3. Only share with….
  3. If you click on My Contacts, you will be sharing your status to all the people in your contact list
  4. If you click on My contacts except…, you can select some specific persons from whom you can hide your status
  5. Click on the Only share with…, and you can choose some specific persons only to whom your status will be visible.

Listen to WhatsApp Message In Public without An Earphone!- WhatsApp Hacks

Yes, it’s possible. Suppose, someone has sent you a voice message, but you can’t listen to because you traveling in a metro. But guess what? You can!-

  1. Click on the play button of that Whatsapp voice message
  2. Place your phone near your ear just like you do when talking to someone over the phone
  3. The proximity sensor of your phone will turn off the speaker and only you can listen to that voice message.

Format Your Text Messages- Whatsapp Tricks

Many people don’t know about this hack already. Yet, here are some tips to make your texts more clear and interesting-

  1. You can make your text bold by adding just an asteroid (*) sign between the text. For example, if you type *Let’s go to movies*, after sending the message it will appear as Let’s go to movies.
  2. To make your text Italic, just add an underscore (_) at the start and end of the sentence or word. For example, if you type _Let’s grab a beer_, after sending the message, it will appear as Let’s grab a beer.
  3. To make your sentence Strike-through, you can use ‘~’ at the beginning and end of the sentence. For example, type ~Strikethrough~, and it will appear as Strikethrough

WhatsApp Status Tricks- View Other People’s Status Without Them Knowing!

This is a very interesting fact that you can actually view anyone’s status without letting them know! To do that, you have to download and install the Whatsfly app, and follow these steps-

  1. Launch the new app and click on the WhatsApp status saver
  2. Here you will find some images and videos
  3. You can also pull down to refresh.

Apart from this one, you can also download Yowhatsapp and Gbwhatsapp. With these apps, you can view someone’s status and they won’t figure out. Open Menu→YoMods→Privacy and tick the Hide View status option.

Use Dual WhatsApp

It is possible to use two Whatsapp accounts from the same phone. But you need to take help from a third-party app. There are many third-party apps available in the Play Store that will avail you this feature, but I suggest you Parallel Space. It is easy, fast and also clone apps real quick. Just install the app and click on the clone button and add Whatsapp to Parallel Space.

Apart from adding Whatsapp, you can also add other five apps of your choice.

Automatically Reply to Your Friends Using an AutoResponder

But first, you have to root your phone and after that, you can automatically reply to your friends using the Autoresponder for Whatsapp. But you can set replies for only three messages/ person.

Send Fake Location to Your Chats

You can use a VPN program to send a fake location to your friends. This is easy and very simple.

Move Whatsapp from Your Phone Memory to the SD Card

Some memory cards don’t have the option of moving apps to SD card. But don’t worry. If you want to free up some space in your device, you can use this trick.

  • First, root your phone
  • System app remover (root) is available in your Google Play Store
  • Install the tool and open it and go to Move to sd card and select your apps

Did you know, you can also use system apps with the help of this tool?

That’s all I knew about WhatsApp Status Hacks and tricks. You can use these tips like a pro. Also, let us know if you have any other Whatsapp tricks in your stock.

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